About Ultimate Investor Guide Penang

Ultimate Investor Guide Penang or better known as UIG is the Flagship one day programme hosted by Freemind Works.

First half of the day, we will share with you why invest in Penang; also known as the Silicon Valley of the East. And the second half of the day is spent visiting the different property location and hot spots as well as visiting the Penang heritage sites.

Penang is already home to many multinational companies from all over the world such as Intel, BBraun, Osram, Haemonitics, Bose and many others. Some of these companies are already in Penang for over 4 decades and have reinvested time and again.

Presence of MNCs in Penang.

Presence of MNCs in Penang.

In 2014, Penang have received more than RM 8.1 billion worth of investments (source: MIDA), which placed Penang at the third position in Malaysia for highest number of investments received FY2014.

Investment 2014

Investments approved by State.

The twin engine of Penang has always been Manufacturing and Services for the past 3 decades. As Penang reposition its economy and is moving away from labour intensive industries to that of high end services industries such as Shared Services and outsourcing (SSO), we see the ‘marriage’ of these two main economic engines. This would also mean creation of high income job opportunities for the people of Penang, which would further spur the demand for housing.

Come and join us on this informative and experiential journey to discover a side of Penang that you never knew existed.

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