How To Buy Your 1st Property Even in The Current Property Market

Kaygarn Tan Property Investment
Since the start of property boom nearly 10 decades ago, owning a home has become the cornerstone of the Malaysian dream. Although, with the increasing cost of living, depreciation of Ringgit, GST implementation and various other lending restrictions, the dream seems to be increasingly out of reach for many especially for the younger generation. Property investor and property
investment coach, Kaygarn Tan says there 
are many reasons property is 
still the number one investment 
choice despite...

Buying property with No Money Down AND for Free : MYTH or FACT?

Kaygarn Tan Property Investment
There are many techniques or strategies out there to buy property. And one of the more popular and talked about techniques is known as the no money down technique, or NMD for short. This is the easy part – buying property with no money down. The challenging part is to buy it for FREE. Let me explain. Many people I talked to have the impression that buying a property no money down equals buying property for FREE. It is 2 different thing altogether. You can buy a property no money down, but not...

Is the property prices coming down anytime soon?

Is the Property price coming down
I think this will be the question of majority investors that are taking a wait and see approach. Recently, I have the opportunity to have a chat with my personal friend who is also the founder of a well known property portal in Penang. And one of the topics we discussed is Penang’s property prices. In our conversation, we had come to a conclusion that the property prices is still on the uptrend even though the number of property transactions has slowed down. Also from our recent visits to...

Amidst the doom and gloom for 2016, there exist a window of opportunity for the property investors. Are you ready for it?

  I had a look at the list of the items published in the recently revised 2016 budget and realised that some of these items will have a direct and indirect impact to the property market. I then did some analysis and found that there exist a window of opportunity for us property investors. And I’d like to share this with you. Before that, take a look at the list below; the recalibrated measures as announced: EPF contributions by employees to be reduced by 3%. This is expected to...