2016 is said to be a gloomy year for the property market: Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Wishing you a happy new year 2016! How is your propery investment journey coming along? My wish for you is for your portfolio to grow year on year. As usual, at beginning of the year, my friends and fellow investors will come and ask me about my thoughts on the property outlook for this year? And their question is “Should I buy or should I sell?” The year 2015 was a challenging year with the implementation of GST, gloomy economic outlook and political instability. Now, let’s crunch the number...

Penang’s Economy and the Impact to Penang’s Property Market

BPO Penang
// There’s been uncertainty about the property market since early this year. Investors and home owners alike have taken the wait-and-see approach. This, in part, was due to the then impending GST that was scheduled to be implemented on the 1st April 2015. Many were of the opinion that property prices in Malaysia are on the high side and that there is a bubble coming; that is, many were “expecting” the property price to come down. As it is, depending on the property type, the property price ...

Goods & Services Tax (GST) and the Property Investor

In the Budget 2014, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak announced the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and when enacted, GST will be effective from 1 April 2015 and standard rated supplies will be subject to GST at a rate of 6%. With the introduction of GST, the current indirect taxation systems of sales tax and service tax will be abolished on the same date. What is GST? GST which is also known as the ‘value added tax’ (VAT) in many countries, is a multi-stage consumption ta...

What drives up property prices? Will it still go higher?

Property Investment
This is the question that has been playing in our mind these past few months. How could the average income earner afford a home nowadays? Let alone investing in and growing their hard earned cash through real estate. And if we do buy now, will the price trend higher? I did some reading and summarize some of the factors that cause property price to increase. These same factors will also answer the second part of the questions, will the price go higher? Scarcity of Land Penang, being an is...