Buying property with No Money Down AND for Free : MYTH or FACT?

Kaygarn Tan Property Investment
There are many techniques or strategies out there to buy property. And one of the more popular and talked about techniques is known as the no money down technique, or NMD for short. This is the easy part – buying property with no money down. The challenging part is to buy it for FREE. Let me explain. Many people I talked to have the impression that buying a property no money down equals buying property for FREE. It is 2 different thing altogether. You can buy a property no money down, but not...

What drives up property prices? Will it still go higher?

Property Investment
This is the question that has been playing in our mind these past few months. How could the average income earner afford a home nowadays? Let alone investing in and growing their hard earned cash through real estate. And if we do buy now, will the price trend higher? I did some reading and summarize some of the factors that cause property price to increase. These same factors will also answer the second part of the questions, will the price go higher? Scarcity of Land Penang, being an is...