Mindfulness for Everyone

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment. Mindfulness, allows us to listen to the small inner voice (or intuition) that is often drowned out by our thoughts, emotions, constant action and worries about the past or the future. Intuition is a sense of knowing, that we all have. Many of us call it our gut. Some of us know it as our inner voice. In the biography by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs is quoted as saying, “I began to realize that an intui...

Ultimate Investor Guide Penang

Kaygarn Tan Property Investment
Our inaugural Ultimate Investor Guide (or UIG in short) took place on 10 May 2014. We had about 40 participants with us on this UIG. It was as informative as it was fun. During lunch we even bumped into a Singaporean actor :D We visited some of Penang's Developer and we would like to put on record our thanks to Mah Sing for hosting us afternoon tea. All in all it was a very good trip with equally good feedbacks that we received from participants. With such encouraging words, Freemind...

Property Outlook 2014

Property prices is now at an all time high. And the government had introduced measures to cool down the market. Not only that, the recent budget 2014, as part of the government’s fiscal consolidation, has also introduced policies that has affected how developers now launch new projects to the masses. Many investors and home owners is now feeling the pinch, both from the affordability standpoint as well as from the capital outlay standpoint. Previously, buyer only have to fork out the i...